Welcome to Secure Sit

Your best security while away on holiday or business is for your home to look lived in.

Secure Sit has extensive experience in providing housesitters for homeowners.

Secure Sit’s house sitter’s provide the added bonus of caring for your pets,
gardens and pot plants while you are away.

We are a practical alternative to boarding kennels and security companies.

Secure Sit services include

  • Housesitting  
  • Pet Minding
  • Gardening
  • Security
  • All housesitters are thoroughly checked by our team of experienced investigators to ensure
    that your property and pets receive the best possible care.

    Secure Sit works hard to match home-owners with suitable house sitters that meet everyone’s requirements.
    We strive to provide excellent service to you, our clients, so that you will consider our service every time you go away on business or holiday.

    For more information and pricing on Secure Sit please click here or phone 025 210 2476

    The Secure Sit Team team looks forward to providing you
    with the best most secure service available.